Fraternity Composite

Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Composite Ann Arbor University of Michigan portrait photography

Your Fraternity Composite should be a masterpiece that lasts for decades.  Great composites start with great photos, which is why you want to work with a local portrait studio instead of a national clearing house.

Fraternity Composites | Sorority Composites | Professional Composites for Fire Departments, Police Departments and all types of organizations

Fraternity composite pricing is done by understanding your specific needs and then providing you with an individual quote.

Livonia Fire Department Fraternity Composite Fire Trucks

Fraternity Composite and Fire Dept Composite Examples:

  • Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity Composite – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

    Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity Comp

    I'm excited to add the Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity as a new client for their annual Composite.  We did their portrait sessions at their beautiful historic...

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  • Livonia Fire Dept – Fraternity Composite – Livonia MI

    Livonia Fire Dept – Fraternity Com

    I shot the Livonia Fire Department Fraternity Composite center photo from a cherry picker at Livonia City Hall.  I used a walkie talkie to direct...

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  • Albany Fire Department Fraternity Composite

    Albany Fire Department Fraternity Compos

    Albany is a long way away, but they liked my work so much that they decided to skip the local photographers and come to me for...

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