Michael Ferguson

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Michael Ferguson

My objective is simple -- to capture the beauty that is within and around us. This is easy to say, but it takes a creative eye, passion, and technical excellence to accomplish consistently. I love to capture the spontaneity of every special moment, but my objective is not to just document reality the way photo journalists do. I am going for beauty.

The human mind does a wonderful job subtly enhancing our memories so the things we thought were beautiful are remembered as being stunningly beautiful. I aim to do the same in my photography. Sometimes you can work wonders manipulating the light, the environment and the subject. Sometimes I choose to work wonders while retouching afterwards.

My studio is Photo Impressions Gallery. It is a boutique portrait studio where every client is my one and only priority while they are here. My session times are just estimates with buffers between every client because sometimes stunning photographs don't work to a deadline.

For me photography is a passion!  Success is measured by the gasps, smiles, and occasional tears in your photo review session. I am truly excited to meet you and astound you with the quality and professionalism of my work!

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau