Senior Picture Pricing

Your Investment

Your house is on fire and you only have a couple minutes to gather your most important possessions... what would you take?  Almost everyone includes a few special photos in that treasured list.  

Great portraits become family heirlooms. Each one represents a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into the happiness that has defined our lives.

senior picture in frame


Senior portrait pricing begins at $199 for a studio session or $219 for a single outdoor location.  This is our Basic Package and it assumes one hour of photography will be enough to capture the beautiful images we both expect.  As part of this package you receive a $100 print credit so that we can customize your set of prints and other products to be exactly what you would like.  All senior picture packages include free electronic submission of your yearbook photo.

Our Silver Package is what most families select.  This package adds a second hour to allow us to photograph in two locations and do even more with background and wardrobe changes.  Two locations is important because yearbooks generally want a studio portrait, but the pictures that clients buy the most are usually the more natural ones done outdoors.  This package costs $309, but now you get a $150 credit to create your ideal set of prints.

Finally our Gold package adds a third hour of photography so we can fully indulge both your creative ideas and mine.  Priced at $399 this package includes a fantastic $200 credit towards your perfect mix of prints and other products.

Individual Print and Digital File Pricing